Popular Choral Music for your choir

Have a look at a new web page for Choral Music on the SLWA site. Here you will also find a list of  choral music including popular, rock, jazz, film, show and television music. It is difficult to isolate these works via a traditional catalogue search, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Also check out some of the internet resources for choirs and choral music in WA and make sure your choir is listed. If you have produced a recording, we’d love to have it in our collection.

SLWA celebrates Making Music. Being Well week

Come and join us at the State Library to celebrate Making Music. Being Well Week, a national initiative promoting the links between making music and feeling good. We have Professor Jane Davidson talking to us about The Power of Music on Thursday May 19th at 12.30pm. It’s a free talk but bookings are recommended on 9427 3111. There are other ways you can celebrate with us. Come in and borrow some sheet music – take home a bunch of your favourite tunes and sing and play to your heart’s content. Come and book an hour in our Music Studio and try out that Beethoven piano sonata you’ve been meaning to have a go at. View our exhibition Images Composed which highlights music inspired by artworks. Listen to the program for the next WASO concert; Read about how to use your computer to create your own music or how to make your own musical instruments. Endless possibilities! Everyone has music in their lives in some form…enjoy it!!!

The complete history of Western music

To complement standard music history texts such as Grout’s History of Western Music, SLWA has purchased an abridged version….VERY abridged. For the time-poor amongst us, this choral arrangement for 4 voices encompasses over 6 centuries of music in just four minutes. Beethoven, Rossini, Haydn, Brahms and others feature in this fun addition to any choir’s repertoire. Be the first to borrow it and select other popular choral music from our extensive collection.

Musically prepare yourself for Christmas at the State Library

All your musical sheet music needs for Christmas can be met by the State Library. Come and borrow a book of carols for your choir, something for your busking ensemble, or some interesting piano arrangements to wow the family on Christmas Day. Have a look at our web page on Christmas Music and “have yourself a merry little Christmas…”

Boans Father Christmas with a group of girls, 1930

Silver bells and shepherds

Christmas comes but once a year and brings with it months of preparation, particulary with music. There are carols and songs to learn in choirs, schools, churches and ensembles. New music is written and the old favourites are rolled out with surprising regularity. Come and visit the State Library for all your Christmas sheet music needs.  Our web site gives you a brief overview of our collection, and links to some useful web sites for further information including copyright issues.

Singing from the same song sheet

Have a listen carefully on Thursday 22nd October at 11.30am  (AEDT) and it’s possible you can hear only one piece of music. All around Australia, students, parents and families will be singing from the same song sheet – literally,  as they all sing The music is everything. The song, written by 4 NSW high school students under the tutelage of John Foreman,  is part of a national campaign runned by the Music Council of Australia called Music. Count us in and is an annual promotion of the value of music education in schools.  Last year, there were 450,000 performers. There will even be a choir signing in Auslan. Check out the website to hear the song, see promotional material and dwell on the importance of music education in children’s lives.