MEMORI: Live Action Escape Room

Friday 21 November – Sunday 23 November
State Library of Western Australia, Kimberley room

Are you interested in the mysteries of the human brain?
Perhaps you are experiencing deja vu right now?
Have you ever considered being a test lab subject?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’re the person (or animal, or robot) that we are looking for. BAISMENT Labs, a top secret research centre located underneath the State Library of Western Australia, have begun an exciting project that will break new ground (and minds) – scientifically and historically. We have developed a new device which enables direct connection between our computers and the minds of anyone (living or dead), allowing us to view and record anything and everything. What could go wrong?

Whilst the full details of the project are considered highly confidential, we are looking for new members to join our team of memory explorers — or MEMORInauts — who will be tasked with the memory exploration and recording.

MEMORI: Live Action Escape Room

MEMORI is a live action escape room experience at the State Library.  Come as an individual or a team, and test your wits against an array of puzzles.

Created by FTI’s Excalibur Productions and Games We Play, MEMORI incorporates historical Western Australian documents from the State Library into a fun, sci-fi themed challenge.

MEMORI is presented as part of the State Library of Western Australia’s 125th anniversary celebrations and is supported by the State Library Foundation and Lotterywest.  Book now to secure your place.

Be Inspired @ The State Library
Public Talk Series –  MEMORI
Tuesday 25 November 6pm

State Library Theatre

In addition to the escape room experience, a free public talk will provide a behind the scenes insight into the production of the escape room experience. Not to be missed! Register now to secure your seat.

National Year of Reading 2012

Engage, discover, learn from and enjoy books! It’s count down to the National Year of Reading 2012 and the State library is proud to be one of the partners in this exciting initiative. “Australian libraries and library associations have got together to turn 2012 into the National Year of Reading, linking together all the great things that are already happening around books, reading and literacy, and giving them an extra boost, with inspirational programs and events taking place across the country.”

Do you have a favourite book you’d like to tell us about? 

Has a book ever changed your life?

What good books have you read lately that you think others would enjoy?

More than just Google – free workshops at the State Library

SEaK – Search Engage and Know
Do you feel lost on the information highway?
Don’t know where to start looking for information?
Feel intimidated by the library or the internet?

The State Library has a range of free, practical hands-on workshops where you can improve your research skills and get internet search tips and tricks. All sessions are designed to give you a head start in uncovering the wealth of information available in the Library’s collections and online.

For full details visit the State Library website.

Social Software in Libraries report

Interesting report on the use of Social Software (Web 2.0) from the Association of Research Libraries (thanks for this one!) 

While a growing number of libraries have adopted social software as a way to further interact with library patrons and library staff, many things are unclear about the use of social software in ARL member libraries. This SPEC survey was designed to discover how many libraries and library staff are using social software and for what purposes, how those activities are organized and managed, and the benefits and challenges of using social software, among other questions

It’s a subscription report but you can see the table of contents and executive summary on the web.

Why keep a library when we’ve got the internet…?

When BusLib was working in the private sector she had the interesting experience of being made redundant – an experience that included being told (essentially, she can’t remember the exact words) “we’ve got the internet, we don’t need you”.  That’s all water under the bridge now (redundancy in my case was a springboard to travel, further study and a new career direction and the offending organisation kept it’s library too!) but the attitude still remains prevelant amongst those who don’t know much about 21st century librarianship (or museums).

For good hard information about how libraries and the Internet can form a beautiful synergy have a look at InterConnections: The IMLS National Study on the Use of Libraries, Museums and the Internet

For those of us with time constraints (or short attention spans!) you can get the Conclusions Overview in powerpoint form…

LibraryThing goes local…

Library Thing (see my earlier post!) now has a facility to add bookshops, libraries, festivals and events to their database.  It’s called LibraryThing Local.  The info is mapped onto Google maps (though there are still a few problems with the geocoding – SLWA is showing up across town from our actual location – the joys of Beta).

Let’s get going a get more WA libraries and bookshops into Library Thing!

Library Thing Logo

Great looking library!

There’s an amazing library building in Kansas! Local residents were asked to nominate influential books which represented Kansas city and the library exterior was then built to represent a giant bookshelf.

A similar feature is in place at Cardiff Public Library in Wales, although in their case it’s only temporary while renovations are taking place. To read more about it and see pictures of the libraries go to

It’s interesting to read the positive comments from the public including this one:

“This is brilliant, brilliant stuff. How can they make this temporary? Never in my life have I seen a more compelling argument for the beauty of a library.”