Reposted – Economic Statistics, Inventions, missing manuals

We have some layout problems this week – deleting this post didn’t fix it so I’m reposting so we don’t lose the info…

Three things that have caught my eye this week (yes, I have paid attention to more than the Olympics, though it’s been difficult – congratulations to the local ladies !)

From the Internet Scout Report news of an Economics Statistics Portal called – a bit cluttered but a gateway to wealth of information!  I can’t find a lot about it but the Scout people are usually on the money with good websites and it is also linked to by a lot of other people, so have a look!

·From the serious to the amusing – an article in last Monday’s West Australian drew my attention to an exhibition at the British Library ofWeird and Wonderful Gadgets and Inventions – a small display at the Library’s wonderful Business and Intellectual Property Centre(the envy of every business librarian) – you can find more pictures and articles on the web – of course any inventor or entrepreneur can make the process of running their business easier by getting information from their library!
Bought something second hand without a manual?  Lost the manual for something?  This site might just help – it allows you to upload and share user manuals for all types of consumer goods.  (Thanks to Resourceshelf for this one!)