Family trees now on Ancestry


Marcella Dillon nee Kavanagh (1849-1919) and extended family

Ancestry Library Edition has recently been updated and one of the big changes is that family trees and photographs submitted by the public are now available to view. This is a vast resource but please bear in mind that all sources need to be checked.

  • Nearly 40 million trees have been contributed by more than two million members. These members have indicated that their tree(s) can be viewed by all Ancestry members
  • The trees can change over time as users edit, remove, or otherwise modify the data in their trees
  • The trees in the Library Edition are read-only. Library patrons cannot edit the existing trees or add new trees
  • Information about living people is not shown. There are more than two billion nodes in the Public Member Trees database. A large percentage of the nodes are not for living people
  • Each Public Member Tree is owned by the individual who put it on
  • does not verify that any tree or fact is correct, nor will they correct or edit a tree
  • Library patrons will not have the ability to contact the owner of the tree
  • Library patrons can submit anonymous comments about any tree
  • There is no login for individual users of the Library Edition


Tumble Books and other online resources for your children

Sharing a love of reading, rhyming and singing with babies and young children has been proven to be central to a child’s language growth and  latter reading ability.  The State Library of WA’s runs Better Beginnings, to support parents in giving their children a love of reading.

The most cruical way that parents can give their children a love of reading is by sharing books and reading to them, singing them songs and sharing rhymes with them from a very young age.  The Better Beginnings resources page has some excellent suggestions for first books, rhymes and songs to share with babies.   Links to a selection of websites will help you to locate the words and audios for many rhymes and songs.

As part of the State Library of WA’s commitment to supporting parents  a subscription to Tumble books has been provided.  Tumble books is a collection of collection of talking story books, puzzles and games that young children can enjoy online.  It is especially suited to children from 4 to 12 years old.