More than just Google – free workshops at the State Library

SEaK – Search Engage and Know
Do you feel lost on the information highway?
Don’t know where to start looking for information?
Feel intimidated by the library or the internet?

The State Library has a range of free, practical hands-on workshops where you can improve your research skills and get internet search tips and tricks. All sessions are designed to give you a head start in uncovering the wealth of information available in the Library’s collections and online.

For full details visit the State Library website.

Singing from the same song sheet

Have a listen carefully on Thursday 22nd October at 11.30am  (AEDT) and it’s possible you can hear only one piece of music. All around Australia, students, parents and families will be singing from the same song sheet – literally,  as they all sing The music is everything. The song, written by 4 NSW high school students under the tutelage of John Foreman,  is part of a national campaign runned by the Music Council of Australia called Music. Count us in and is an annual promotion of the value of music education in schools.  Last year, there were 450,000 performers. There will even be a choir signing in Auslan. Check out the website to hear the song, see promotional material and dwell on the importance of music education in children’s lives.