Computers and evolution of human brains…

Rather scary but interesting article in the Weekend Australian about the potential effect of computer technology on human brains… you can read a teaser here Are computers changing our brains? or you can search for and read the full article (search on the title Society hard-wired for a fall) in Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre by using your Western Australian Public Library card to log in through Databases from Home

Technology upgrade for the State Library

New computers are being rolled out to the public areas in the Alexander Library building.  There are currently 10 new bookable computers on the ground floor of the library and more are on their way.  These computers have word processing software and functioning USB drives, as well as internet access.  You just need to visit the library reception desk to reserve yourself a pc.  For more information on computer access at the State Library visit our website

The library has recently acquired a new microfilm reader printer.  It’s located on the first floor and is available to all library clients.  It offers great image manipulation capacity and the option of saving images to a memory stick/flash drive.  Our staff are always onsite to provide more information and assistance if you need it.