Reading Wall is up again

The Reading Wall is hanging in The Nook just inside the doors at the State Library. It’s there to celebrate the Love2Read Cafe and the National Year of Reading until 9 December.
You’re invited to share part of your favourite poem (or you can add it as a comment to this post.) Enjoy reading others peoples favourites…Jabberwocky seems to be a stand-out so far.

The fantastic flying books of Mr Morris Lessmore

This lovely short animation just won an Oscar and is so relevant to this National Year of Reading: what a wonderful homage to booklovers and readers everywhere.

Share writing or books that have made you laugh…

So the theme this month for the national year of reading is ‘Laugh’. Any books / signs or stuff you have read that has made you laugh out loud??

Driving to work today I saw an old sign for flowers but it had Day and Flowers hidden so it looked like Mothers For Sale…made me laugh. Author of some chortle inducing scenes – Nick Earls, in both Perfect Skin and Bachelor Kisses.

Reading Wall online

Here at the State Library of WA we’ve started a Reading Wall in the Nook area near the south entrance of the Library. People can write a label to share their favourite quote from a book as part of the National Year of Reading 2012.

But what if you’d like to share online? Add a comment to this post and share your favourite quote from a book!  (We’ll keep posting to encourage and you can click on the Reading Wall category to check on all the posts.)