AMEB Material available

Attention all music teachers, music students, parents, examiners. The bulk of the AMEB syllabus manual lists from Grade 4 upwards are now available on the State Library website. A click on a link will take you through to our own catalogue listing of the piece – you don’t even have to use the catalogue. All the searching has been done for you. All the music is available for generous loan periods. Check it out here

Popular Choral Music for your choir

Have a look at a new web page for Choral Music on the SLWA site. Here you will also find a list of  choral music including popular, rock, jazz, film, show and television music. It is difficult to isolate these works via a traditional catalogue search, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Also check out some of the internet resources for choirs and choral music in WA and make sure your choir is listed. If you have produced a recording, we’d love to have it in our collection.

Grove Music Online Update

A recent update to Grove Music Online focuses exclusively on opera and takes you to “a star-studded, multifaceted world of tragedy and triumph, passion and seduction, intrigue and disaster, jealousy and dreams”. There are 450 new and updated biographies on singers. There is also an index to opera roles, a new resource in the Tools and Resources area of Grove Music Online. The index is designed to allow you to browse major opera roles from A to Z with ease. Each entry also includes hyperlinks to the opera, composer, and singer. You will find entries of Western Australian singers such as Gregory Yurisich and Glenys Fowles. Check out this and other music electronic resources at Access terminals are available on every floor of  the State Library building.

Australian Music Centre launches new website

The AMC has recently launched a dynamic new website that increases access  to and widens discovery of  their collection of Australian works across all media types. The website gives access to over 21,000 works, over 500 biographies of composers and performers, over 3,000 audio links, and guided online tours of themes in Australian musical history. Via the website, you can buy from their shop, download tracks, borrow from their library, read their journal Resonate, blog and comment, and consult their national calendar of events. John Davis, CEO of the AMC says that it “represents a new era in … how Australian music artists and their creative output are presented to audiences across Australia and around the world. Check out the website at

Alsiadi – Middle Eastern music

Are you interested in Middle Eastern music? Do you play the Oud, Qanun, Ney, or Darrabukka? Ever wondered how Middle Eastern scales (Maqamat) and rhythms (Iqaat) are structured, and what they sound like?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then the website  will be an excellent resource for you!

ALSIADI aims to gather Middle Eastern music for musicians and music enthusiasts everywhere. The site provides sheet music in Sibelius Scorch format as well as tables showing the Maqamat and Iqaat. To top it all, ALSIADI also provides a vlog and mp3 jukebox of Middle Eastern recordings. This is particularly useful if you are learning a Middle Eastern instrument or just interested in hearing and viewing classic and traditional music from the region.