6 thoughts on “Archives

  1. Sunday, December 3, 2017, Page 43, Surfin’ WA, i AM NEEDING A COPY OF THE FOUR GIRLS ON BEACH AT COTTESLOE , 0403250495

  2. I have about a dozen B&W photos I took of the floods in Collie in 1963 showing the shops under water and the old steam engines etc . I have digitized them and was wondering if they should be archived somewhere for historical research.
    Could you please tell me where I should send them?
    Bill Hawthorn….

  3. I am looking at some radio information. My grandmother was a broadcaster early 1930’s and noted in the West Australian as broadcasting at 11.30am each morning. Her name is Edith Hamilton Broad. Do you have any information for me that might help? I would dearly love to see any photographs or be able to listen to some of her broadcasts if possible.
    Many thanks, Helen

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