Juniper App

Have you explored our Juniper App?

The Juniper App showcases a series of artworks created in the 1970’s by prolific Western Australian artist Robert Juniper, and the children’s book which they were created for, “Mason Judy”.

Mason Judy is the story of an eight year old boy who is lonely and unhappy when his family moves to a new suburb. He finds a magic stone which transports him to another time and place.  There he meets the Guardian of the Stone, who takes him on a journey to return it to its traditional dwelling place.  Along the way he undergoes many trials which test his strength of character.

20_Juniper_Japara was now a black spot

PWC/231/120: Japara was now a black speck in the purple distance, original illustration by Robert Juniper reproduced in the book, Mason Judy

Author Trevor Todd wrote the  Mason Judy story as part of a creative writing class in 1975; he gave his friends copies of his typed manuscript as Christmas gifts that year, and one of them passed his copy onto Robert Juniper, who offered to illustrate the book.


215723PD: Robert Juniper painting, 1977

The State Library was fortunate to acquire Robert Juniper’s work, with the assistance of the State Library’s Foundation.  They are now part of a larger collection of original artworks from children’s literature held by the Library, the Peter Williams Collection.

The development of the App was part of a wider project to provide universal access to the State Library’s rare material through digitisation and brings both the artwork and the story to a whole new audience.

Through the App, users can explore both the story and paintings in depth, and through a supporting education program, explore the social and community environment at the time.   Users can also enjoy listening to a reading by the author, and understand the perspective of an Indigenous curator, whose comments and insight can be seen alongside the artwork.

The Juniper App can be downloaded for iPad or Android tablet using the links below:

download       Android-app-on-google-play.svg

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