Worth Creating. Worth Keeping.

A new era of collecting and preserving Western Australia’s history is upon us with the introduction of the Legal Deposit Regulations 2013 which came into force on 1st January 2014.

Legal Deposit is a statutory provision (under the Legal Deposit Act 2012 and the Legal Deposit Regulations 2013) that obliges publishers to provide copies of their publications to libraries in the State in which they are published.

If you live or work in Western Australia and publish content you can help the State Library of Western Australia preserve our State’s heritage by depositing copies of your published material within 30 days of publication.

A publication is any material that has been made available to the public freely by sale or request e.g. materials in print, sound, film or data produced as books, journals and maps or even images, music and vision on USBs, CDs and DVDs.

Safeguarding published works through legal deposit is not only important for commercial organisations and government agencies but also for community groups and private individuals who produce works.

The Act and regulations are the result of considerable consultation with publishers, librarians, researchers and educators, as well as the music and film industries and history and writing communities. Internet and online publications will be the subject of further consultation and regulations at a later date.

With your help now we can make sure today’s work benefits the people of tomorrow.

Find out more about Legal Deposit on our website or email  legal.deposit@slwa.wa.gov.au or call 9427 3348 for more information.


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