Call-out for donations of council amalgamation ephemera

Perth Council Amalgamation

We need your donations of ephemera (flyers, posters, letters etc) about council amalgamations. Details below.

For our readers living in Perth, talk of council amalgamations is running high.

Depending on where you live, there are mixed opinions on whether the amalgamations are a good thing for residents of the area.

Some councils are lobbying for or against the changes. Others are trying to make best of uncertain times by offering reassurance to rate-payers.

You might be feeling hopeful, anxious or perhaps ambivalent of the changes due to happen in your area.

The changes and outcomes will most certainly affect planning, development and delivery of council services in different suburbs. We are at a cross-roads in the history of Perth suburbs and councils.

The State Library of Western Australia actively collects ephemera (flyers, posters, postcards, letters, maps, tickets etc) during “historical hot-spots” like election campaigns and major local government reform.

Future researchers and students can tell a lot about a time in the past by examining this sort of material. By collecting items during times of political and social change, we help historians of the future understand and unravel the reasons behind the change.

We need your help!

We are now actively seeking donations of ephemera (flyers, posters, postcards, letters, maps, etc) relating to metropolitan local government reform in your area. We are also seeking material in electronic format. Whether you are for or against the changes, this is your chance to contribute to the ongoing historical record of Western Australia.

If you only have five minutes, that’s enough to contribute to this important call-out.

Send print materials by post or in-person to:

Ephemera materials
State Library of WA
25 Francis Street

Send electronic materials to

Click here for more information.

Your assistance in helping the State library collect and preserve this important documentary record is greatly appreciated.

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