Inventive Australians

Charles James Polain, architect of Belmont Park Racecourse and inventor of the starting gate ca. 1890 4395B

Presented as part of National Family History Week 1 – 3 August

Perhaps one of your relatives wrote a musical, a play or book, designed a goldrush brooch, an Australian flag or patented an improvement relating to signal alarms for those brand new mechanical road vehicles!  Many family historians know about or have used the National Archives of Australia’s (NAA) amazing range of Immigration and Defence records to further their research but there is another group of records that will show ancestors in a different light – intellectual property. NAA holds a wonderful selection of copyright, patent, trademark and design records, most of which are described on RecordSearch, the online database. Come along and find out more about these wonderful records. Presented by Marjorie Bly from the National Archives.

Date: Friday – August 3 2012 Time:  11:30 AM – 12:30 PM   For details of all seminars and tours visit our website:

2 thoughts on “Inventive Australians

  1. I am Charles James Polain’s g-g-grand daughter and I had never seen his photo before today. He looks so much like my brother I can’t wait to email it to show him. I am keen to learn more about him and would appreciate any additional information you can send.

    • Hello,
      It is wonderful to come across family photographs! This one is from our collection. I suggest that you search in our catalogue under the subject heading “polain”. You will also find many references to Charle’s inventions on the National Archives website:

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