Help Promote Reading @ Love2Read Cafe

46% of Australia can’t read newspapers, follow a recipe, make sense of timetables, or understand the instructions on a medicine bottle.

On Saturday January 21st the Love2Read Cafe opens at the State Library of WA. For five weeks there will be an outdoor reading room with  free events and activities including giant scrabble, music gigs, yoga classes, chalk art, word games, baby rhymetime, family storytime, school holiday activities, author talks, book signings and more.

To help promote literacy and be part of this fun event volunteer at the Love2Read Cafe.

For more information, leave a response here or contact

3 thoughts on “Help Promote Reading @ Love2Read Cafe

  1. Aloha good folk,

    Summer greetings to you.
    In reference to your LOVE2Read, i fully support initiative and congratulate you for being proactive on such matters.

    It was this same drive & determination that lead me to start writting books myself. Noticing there wasn’t any/ much sport related Children’s Books on the market, and being a sports enthusiast + professional snowboarder i set out to change that.

    Now i have two contemporary Children’s Books available, ‘Surf Safari’ & ‘Skate Session’ and working on ‘Shredding Snow’. The modern family seems to love them, which stokes me out and keeps me going.

    As an Indi publisher, PDHPE teacher & passionate surfer, I plan on a book reading tour over to your state. And together we can help inspire, promote and encourage kids to read.

    Active Kids Books offers fun contemporary books, helps fight childhood obesity by promoting healthy active living and increases boys literacy levels by offering them books of interest.

    ISBN: 978 0987 1001 15
    ISBN: 978 0987 1001 18

    Checkout AKB books here:

    Read it – Carve it – Love it

    P.S. We recommend you order our titles for West Australian Libraries.

  2. Hi Chad, the supply of books to Public Libraries in WA is separate process to the supply of books to the State Library. I’ll send your our information sheet with more information about this process.

  3. Morning, I can assure you that Chad’s books wqould be ideal to have in any library and what would also be good if Chad went along and did a talk at the libraries and engaged children to go along and listen to his motivational talks on why it is good to read and thus encouraging children of all ages to start reading. Chad;s books are brightly coloured, so easy to understand and they rhymn which is great for all ages to associate with.
    Please follow Chad’s journey on where he is visiting schools along his journey of skateboarding form Canberra to Thredbo which coincides with National Health and Physical Education Day on Sept 5 and also National Year of Reading

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