Call for Entries to the 2011 Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards

Culture and the Arts Minister John Day yesterday announced the Call for Entries for the 2011 Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards.

Mr Day said “The State Government recognises the importance of literature and stories to inspire creativity and record the history of a culturally rich society. The Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards, now into its 30th year enables the celebration of the best writers and publishers in this country.”

“The Awards have historically attracted a high calibre of entries, with Miles Franklin Award and Oscar Award winners amongst the contending authors.”

Entries for the 2011 Awards are now open and the online entry form and guidelines can be found on the State Library of Western Australia’s website To be eligible authors must be citizens or permanent residents of Australia, or their work must have Australia as its primary focus.

The closing date for entries is 5pm Tuesday 31 January 2012.

The Award categories are: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children’s Books, Writing for Young Adults, Poetry, Scripts, West Australian History, and the Digital Narrative Award, which recognises the use of new media in storytelling/writing. The popular People’s Choice Award to select the favourite book from the shortlist in one category will again be held for these awards

The Premier’s Prize of $25,000 is presented to the overall winner, who is chosen by the Judges from the category winners.

“The State Government is proud to make the prize pool available for these Awards and I would like to acknowledge the State Library for managing the Awards and also sponsoring the West Australian History Award”, said Mr Day.

Short listed entries will be announced in June 2012 with the winners announced in late August 2012.

4 thoughts on “Call for Entries to the 2011 Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards

  1. To enter for this writing award, apparently one must be published. Has the SLWA taken into consideration that getting any new written material published is almost impossible? The Premier’s Book Award is commendable; however, I would have thought that helping to bring new authors to readers a better and more productive way to spend the taxpayer’s money.

    As this appears to me, established published authors are simply using this taxpayer funded event to promote and advertise there work.

    The thinking and bureaucratic minds of the State Library are a wondrous thing to contemplate… maybe a sound basis for a book.

    With respect,
    Niven Dallas

  2. As a newly published author I applaud this competition, though I must agree in part with Niven Dallas above… It is extrememly difficult to get noticed, even more difficult to get published and incredibly intense to try and get yourself noticed as an Author even when you are published…

    All the best to those that have the privelage of entering.

  3. Dear Niven and DC Daines

    It is difficult to get a book published and technology is changing what it means to be published. Western Australia has an award for unpublished authors, Writing WA’s TAG Hungerford Award ( There is also the Vogel Award which is for unpublished manuscripts by writers under the age of 35. A review of the Awards was undertaken recently and a category for unpublished works was considered, but it was felt that the TAG Hungerford Award should remain the premier award for unpublished works in WA. The WA Premier‘s Book Awards includes a category for Digital Narrative to include new forms of storytelling.

    I wish you both all the best with your work.

    • Thank you very much for the reply and the links for those that need them. It is always more than appreciated to get help from anyone regarding writing, especially in the form of competitions… I entered the competition, books are posted and thanks for your well wishes.

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