Family history websites bookmarked

If you’re looking for useful and interesting family history websites, try our SLWA Family History Bookmarks page.

Simply click on any heading (or tag) to see which sites have been bookmarked for that topic. The larger the heading, the more websites are available. Tags range from geographic locations to topics such as convicts or world war.

Most of the sites are free so why not explore – who knows what you might find?

2 thoughts on “Family history websites bookmarked

  1. Interesting to read about families of the past. I have been searching to find out why an area in the S.W. of Western Australia was named Walsall. As an old Walsallian with links to a company producing calendars of old Walsall, I was amazed to find a Walsall in the S.W. I am in the process of accessing some info., from the Busselton Historical Society, so far all I have gleaned is the possibility of it being a family name. Any info., appreciated.

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