Back to the 80s in film

The next film in our WA film series is Windrider (1986, 92 mins, Rated M).

Windrider stars a young Nicole Kidman (back when she still had freckles) as a rock singer who finds romance with company executive and windsurfer, Tom Burlinson. Directed by Vincent Morton and filmed in Fremantle, this unabashedly cheesy celebration of the windsurfer culture captures a special time and place in our State’s history.

Thursday 30 June, starting right on 5.45pm.

State Library Theatre – no bookings are required and it’s FREE!

3 thoughts on “Back to the 80s in film

  1. It was really enjoyable to see this film again after 20 years – the 80s fashion and hairstyles are great, and the shots of the up to the minute technology like microwaves and CD players!

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