Perth Entertainment Centre

Youth procession for WA's 150th celebrations

Perth Entertainment Centre, 1979

The Perth Entertainment Centre located in Wellington Street Perth opened in 1974. It has been host to many international and local entertainment events, including Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Abba and the Miss Universe contest in 1979. There was also a cinema on the ground floor.

Closed since 2002, Perth’s iconic venue is soon to be demolished in 2011 to enable the rail system to be lowered underground.

The State Library of Western Australia has photographs of construction and exterior of the building and interior seating in its Pictorial Collection.  You can search the SLWA  catalogue and click on the results.

The Library also has aerial photographs, some theatre programs (see PR8492) and a few theatre tickets (see PR8499/TIC) available to view in the Library.

Do you have any memories or memorabilia from the Perth Entertainment Centre you’d like to share?

3 thoughts on “Perth Entertainment Centre

  1. The picture is almost certainly taken in 1974 or early 1975 when the Centre opened with Disney on Parade, not 1979. The centre was renamed well before 1979 and you can see the earlier TVW 7 / Edgely branding in this picture!

  2. Thanks for your comment Figgles, however the photograph was taken by Richard Woldendorp, a professional photographer and the caption on the photo (in the Library catalogue) was created by the photographer.

  3. Don’t see any reference to the Rick Wakeman concert … when I went … early ’75 , I was sure I was seeing the first Rock concert there

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