2 thoughts on “Can you identify this building?

  1. Beth Frayne (fmr State Library employee and also a member of the Toodyay Historical Society) alerted me to this photo so that I could confirm it is the former Templar Lodge (1879), which was taken over by the Toodyay Masonic Lodge in 1923. This is the first historic photo we have seen of the building. The photo would have been taken prior to the 1924 additions on the side facing the photographer. During the late 1950s the front entrance was bricked up and the entrance steps removed when the street was widened. All the other details on the facade are still there – the side windows, the niche above the front entrance, and the shape of the entrance is still evident. The slope of the land is still the same. The Toodyay Masonic Lodge still owns the building and continues to use it.

  2. Correction to the date of the building, it was built in 1878 in Fiennes Street, Toodyay, uphill from the former Courthouse building now the Shire of Toodyay office.

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