How times change – the view from 1962

How times change – sandwiched between UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA and  PUBLIC GOLF COURSE in Places to See (p.155) of the Official guide to the VIIth British Empire and Commonwealth Games Perth 1962  we find:

KWINANA FREEWAY: Perth’s pride and joy.  The Freeway is a 45-50 m.p.h.double-laned highway running from the Narrows Bridge over the Swan at the foot of King’s Park to Canning Bridge four miles to the south, and links the city with suburbs to the south of the river, and Fremantle.  It is part of a master plan which will ultimately give Perth the finest access road system in Australia.  The Freeway is barred to pedestrians, cycles, learner-drivers, agricultural or power machines, outsize vehicles and animals and you are requested not to drive on it unless you can maintain 45-50 m.p.h. in safety and confidence. 

It is fenced off throughout its length, with strikingly designed footbridges to give pedestrians crossing places from the roads of South Perth to the river beaches.  The roundabout system which controls traffic at each end of the Narrows Bridge — one of the most modern structures of its kind in the world — is on a semi-cloverleaf system wihch employs a give-way and weaving method to merge the traffic flows rather than the overway-underway method.  It is simple to follow if care is taken to read the signposting.

Lights of Kwinana Freeway, 4.5.60

Lights of Kwinana Freeway, 4.5.60 - Battye Library 133458PD

(You can find more about the history of the freeway, including more photographs, by doing a subject search on Kwinana Freeway (W.A.) on the library catalogue.)
On a more poignant note under History (p. 145) we read:
In 1829 , 1003 people came to an empty land [my emphaisis] to establish a colony of the British Empire
Times have changed…

2 thoughts on “How times change – the view from 1962

  1. Hi all! i’m currently doing a research assingment on how perth changed in all aspects of life as a direct result of the 1962 commonwealth/empire games.
    anybody’s insight into this will be apriciated

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