Your handbook to family history research in WA


Revolver used by murderer Robert Hall 1929, 049984PD

Dead Reckoning is your handbook to family history research in Western Australia. It does not matter if you are a novice family historian just starting out tracing your family tree or a experience genealogy researcher looking for whatever happen to the elusive great uncle. There is helpful hints and links for all.

Dead Reckoning: how to find your way through the Genealogical Jungle of Western Australia (compiled by Steve Howell) was first published in 1997. It was an update of the 1983 Library Board of Western Australia publication: Tracing your ancestors: a guide to genealogical sources in the J.S. Battye Library of West Australian History.

Since 1997 there has been explosion of interest in genealogy and biographical research. In addition to the many significant internet resources that have been developed. The Battye Library and the State Records Office have received a large amount of new material. It would be extremely difficult to keep a print publication on these resources relevant and up to date. Following a grant from the Sholl Bequest (administered by the Friends of Battye Library Inc.), it was decided to revise and publish the book online, so it can be regularly updated as appropriate resources and material are found.

The online version of Dead Reckoning is divided into various sections. The first section covers how to begin, legal deposit, copyright, publishing and has a list of books of value to the starting genealogist. It is followed by a history of the Battye Library and then sources held by the Battye Library which have information on people. Books are grouped under subject headings; serials and ephemera listed by individual work or series; private archives are grouped under subject headings; and for newspapers, oral history, maps, photographs, and film, video and DVDs, general information on what can be found in each has been noted.

So if need a place to start tracing your family history or you are still looking for information on what happen to great uncle Harry when he moved to …, the Dead Reckoning is the place to start.

Dead Reckoning Cover 1997

One thought on “Your handbook to family history research in WA

  1. I have read the “book” but I do not find it very helpful when compared with the numerous Fact Sheets and online resources and records provided by other States.
    In fact the contribution of material from Western Australia, via amount of online records and resources online, is EXTREMELY POOR and this position is only highlighted by the publication! Almost everything in the book is only available to a researcher visiting the repository!
    Indexes, at the VERY LEAST, could be put online. I was totally surprised at the seemingly vast lack of interest in providing material to Australian’s (& overseas researchers).

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