Small Business Benchmarks available from the ATO

Interested in finding business benchmarks?

Benchmarks provide a snapshot of how businesses in an industry are performing, on average, by providing a measure of various business costs in relation to turnover.

Small business benchmarks at

You can now find Small business benchmarks on the ATO website:

Small business benchmarks are designed to help business meet their tax obligations by enabling them to track their performance against the rest of their industry

We have benchmarked the key business ratios for high medium and low turnover businesses for more than 100 industries. By comparing your business to the benchmarks for your industry you can assess your business’s performance.

We also use benchmarks to identify businesses that may be avoiding their tax obligations by not reporting some or all of their income.

Small business benchmarks Overview at

You can find a  link to these benchmarks (and other useful resources for small businesses) on the Find Information for Small Business page on our website.

215424PD: Australian Taxation Office, 45 Francis St. Northbridge, c1995

Australian Taxation Office

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