More Western Australian newspapers online

 We now have the Western Argus from 1896 – November 1916 available through Australian Newspapers Online. Once completed the Western Argus will be available online from November 1894 to June 1938. This goldfields newspaper is a wealth of information containing local social news, mining news including annual reports, Australian and world news and much much more. This newspaper is a great resource for researchers and family historians alike. The Brennan – Maher Wedding in 1899 for example not only provides a picture of the wedding party but gives a complete list of both attending guests and presents.

Western Argus 30/11/1899

Coming soon…..The Sunday Times and Western Mail!

2 thoughts on “More Western Australian newspapers online

  1. Hi,
    I noticed your release saying the early Western Argus are available.
    Sad to say, they are not yet up. I only get hits from 1917 and on and they are not yet available, stating:
    The newspaper issue containing this article has been digitised. It cannot yet be viewed…….
    When will the earlier editions really become available?

    • Hi Ray

      I’m not sure how you did your search but I can definitely say the Western Argus is available from February 1896 through to November 1916. Try clicking on the map of Western Australia then on Western Argus then look at the years in the drop down box which shows you the months available to date.

      Alternatively, do an advanced search (located under Search Articles button), type in keyword, go down to Western Australia , click on Western Argus, then click search

      Hope this helps


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