The State Library has a cow!

One of the State Library’s most unusual artworks, the Books Moove Me cow,  is now ‘live to the public’ on the Ground Floor of the Library.  She was created by members of the WA Branch of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and is a unique way of showcasing children’s books by talented locals.

Books Moove Me cow

Books Moove Me cow

To find out more about her, check out  the webpage at

Come on in to the Library and say hello to the Books Moove Me cow  – see if you can find a book helicopter, a book-a-saurus, or some zombies up a tree. And if you like the look of the books, they are available at the State Library Shop.

8 thoughts on “The State Library has a cow!

  1. From the Margaret River Cow Parade, yes. And not left over but very much wanted so the Library can promote local illustrators and authors. Check out the webpage for more information…

  2. Sorry, I should have been clearer. Bordeaux in France had a ‘cow parade’ this year starting in May until August. With fibreglass cows looking very much like yours, all decorated by various artists and artistic companies. Or is this some kind of international movement promoting, uh, bovine supremacy?

    Who makes the cows? Who owns the moulds? Is there an ISO standard?

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