Helpful Family History Websites


Think you’ve checked all the online resources available?

Looking for ways to break down that brick wall?

Want some social history background to fill out your family history research?

Would like to do some research from home but don’t know where to go?

The Family History Subject Specialists at the State Library of Western Australia maintain a collection of bookmarks relating to family history – and they are publicly available via our website.  Just follow the links from our home page:  Quick Links – Family History – Websites, or click on the icon above, to visit our site and start your research. 

Topics are arranged in alphabetical order, the larger the script the more websites are available.  Most of the websites are free.  Take advantage of this great resource to further your research from home.

4 thoughts on “Helpful Family History Websites

  1. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am trying to locate an ancestor, whom I believe was an Ambrose (?) Wheeler who died in W.A. on the 2nd Mar., 1941.

    I am only working off an old photograph and the failing memory of an aged aunt. Any assistance yo may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated
    Dennis Walsh

      • There were Wheeler’s in Gnowangerup/Broomehill. F and H are on the Broomehill honour Board WWI and a Wheeler who owned Martinup – a property between the two above towns. Will keep a look out for you

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