Australian Women’s Weekly to be Digitised

The National Library of Australia is to digitise the Australian Women’s Weekly from the first issue, 10th June, 1933 to 15th December 1982.  The project is being undertaken in association with the publisher of the Australian Women’s Weekly, Australian Consolidated Press, and with the State Library of New South Wales.
The National Library does have some gaps in its holdings of this magazine so if you have any old copies you might like to check them against the list of missing issues that can be found at:  Should you have one of the missing issues, the National Library would like to hear from you.  

Once scanned, the Australian Women’s Weekly will be searchable through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software.  It will be possible to keyword search in a similar manner to that used at the Australian Newspapers site:

Having the first 50 years of this iconic Australian magazine available for social research and just strolling down memory lane will no doubt tempt many of us to spend far too  many hours at our computer screens.

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