Sydney Morning Herald online archive

The State Library has recently purchased the online newspaper archive for the Sydney Morning Herald 1955-1995. The database includes articles, captions, advertisements and birth, marriage and death notices.

Earlier issues of the Sydney Morning Herald are available on the Historic Australian Newspapers website, together with other historic newspapers from around Australia.

The database can be accessed via our website  at How Do I Find – Electronic Resources – e-Newspapers. Please note that access is limited to those searching within the State Library building.

29 thoughts on “Sydney Morning Herald online archive

  1. please,looking for death-burial of

    clarence claude brown post 1916 born 1883 grafton nsw, was married
    to emily elizabeth bernays (nee franklin) in queensland 1907
    for family history,

    • Hi Stan,

      Found your posting whilst trying to find info about Henry and Sarah Brown. They are my great-great-grandparents. Their daughter, Alice (b.1886)was my great-grandmother. Do you have any info re their parents and where they came from before being married at Palmer’s Island in 1874?

  2. This isn’t as user-friendly as the earlier SMH archive on the Historic Newspaper and Trove websites. Using the search function, I couldn’t find any years earlier than the 1990’s, even for people more famous than my relatives.

    The only way I could find death notices was to check the Ryerson Index first (so I knew they existed); select the Browse function, then the exact date of the notice, and go through the whole edition, page by page. I wasn’t given the option of skipping to say, Page 22, where the notices began.

    It is a very slow process even if you know about the Ryerson Index and frustrating if you know only a month or year.

    • Hi Stan,

      Found your posting whilst trying to find info about Henry and Sarah Brown. They are my great-great-grandparents. Their daughter, Alice (b.1886)was my great-grandmother. Do you have any info re their parents and where they came from before being married at Palmer’s Island in 1874?
      I think Clarance may have dies in August 1975 at the War veteran Home, Narabeen. Will check for you.

  3. Hi ,I am looking for marriage details for my half sister Phylis Ann Parr daughter of Hugh(John)Parr and Agnes (nee Young Wardhaugh) probably between 1980 -1990 any help would be appreciated.Regards Peter

  4. trying to find the death notice of walter james michael martin december 2010. buried in sydney.

    • hi Zandra
      i am also looking for information on Walter James Micheal martin, if there is anything you found out could you let me know

      Walter martin

      • Please advise who you are. I was looking for information on my fathers passing. thank you

      • Hi zanda. My father left us when I really young, and I have no family information from that side of my family. I know he had 5 children prior to myself and my sister. Then had 4 more after. So just tring to get more information.

      • Hi Walter. I would like to speak to you if you wouldn’t mind sending me your landline number I will call you immediately.
        Hopefully you’re in Australia otherwise we can email

  5. Since writing this post, many of our e-resources have become available from home if you are a Western Australian resident and a registered member of the State Library. See this page for details:

    If you live outside Western Australia, please check with your relevant State Library. Another useful resource for finding death notices and obituaries is the Ryerson Index:

  6. I am trying to find my cousin Stanley Beck born in Adelaide in c 1934. He lived with his morther and father, Frederick James Beck and Edith Mabel Beck (nee Cattwright) at 8 Mornington Street Unley, South Australia. Can anyone help me?

    Anne Coletta

  7. Hi,
    I am trying to find a photo of my uncle who meet the Queen in 1954 (I think) and the photo was in the Sydney Morning Herald somewhere around Feb. 1954. If any can help that would be appreciated.
    James Regan

    • Hi Barbara,
      SMH is not online after 1995 unfortunately. If you are looking for an obituary or death notice you can check the Ryerson Index which has indexed over one million notices from the Sydney Morning Herald. You can then view the notice on microfilm in the State Library. The Ryerson Index can be found at:

  8. Good Day!

    I don’t know if I can leave here a request to have a look up on a Death Notice, I am in Canada and it’s quite difficult to have access to the Australian database! But it would be great if somebody could help me only for one time 🙂
    Here is the information I have so far:
    -Rene Albert Agnes, dead 29 September 1965
    -Alison Joan Agnes, dead 22 December 2009
    They lived in Balgowlah and both in that cimetery

    I thank you in advance.


      • bonjour leonie
        je reviens tres tard sur votre réponse à hervé !!et serais heureuse de connaitre votre reponse car il s’agit de mon grand-père !!

  9. Hi, I’m looking for information on the death of Scott Anthony Williams, perhaps 8/7/1995? He was from Tasmania and may be my brother. He was adopted out, my Father passed away last year and the adoption agency has been unable to locate him thus far, he may be deceased. Researchers say his death notice was in the Sydney Morning Herald on this date. Any help is appreciated.

  10. Good evening,
    I am looking for archives on magrandmere allison joan AGNES / ADAMS 1920-2009 (hervé pencalet) had left a message in 2015 to read a little higher !! about them without even knowing my existence !!
    if anyone could help me because the archives are complex and my english very bad … thank you all in advance

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