Free one year subscription to LostCousins if you register before January 10th

LostCousins allows you to identify known family on the 1881 census so that you can connect with distant relatives researching the same ancestors.

LostCousins is also offering free access between Christmas Day and January 4th – all members old and new will have subscriber privileges for those 11 days.

Also, any new member who joins between now and January 10th 2010 quoting the offer code PROJECT1881 in the offer codes box at the bottom of the registration form will get a complimentary subscription that lasts until December 31st, 2010. There is only one catch – the new member must have at least one British ancestor who was recorded on the 1881 Census.

Follow the link: or click on the image above left to visit the LostCousins site.

The more relatives you enter on your My Ancestors page the more cousins you may find because each is a potential link to a new cousin.

2 thoughts on “Free one year subscription to LostCousins if you register before January 10th

  1. Have just found out that my husbands grandfather was born in Punjub India everyone thought his fathers family were British, They changed thier name from Singh to Singe approx 1920’s or 1930’s but we there is no one left alive to give us any info.
    Have since found that the grandfather was buried in Perth WA under a wrong name his name on my father in laws birth certificate is Indar Singh.
    Were quite sure my mother in law in all 40 years of marrige did not know of her husbands heritage.

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