Can you help identify this church?

The State Library of W.A. has photographs of the interior of a church but the location of the church in Western Australia is not known. We have 4 glass negatives taken by commercial photographer Illustrations Limited, about 1929-1930. The church has brick walls and a sloping roof, with beautiful timber features in the interior.

Please post a  reply to this blog message if you know where this church is located. The catalogue record is in the SLWA catalogue.

Side wing of church [013574PD

9 thoughts on “Can you help identify this church?

  1. My initial impression is that it is the Anglican Church of the Ascension in Midland, W.A., but I will have to compare a printout I have taken, with the actual building on site. The ceiling and much of the roof structure of Ascension Church was replaced in the 1960s, due to damage by white ants, which had got into the roof by way of the wooden columns. However the shape and position of doors and windows should confirm whether this is the Ascension Church or not.

  2. Thank you very much, Michael. I’ve now viewed the 1999 Conservation Plan for the Midland Church but the photos in it don’t cover the features well enough to confirm our images as Midland. If you are able to visit the church we’d be grateful for your further comments.
    David Whiteford, Team Leader: Archive

  3. Pressed send too soon. Well it may be. It was later extended, but the window shapes seem to match the current building. It may be worth contacting the parish to confirm.

  4. Thank you Michael and Andrew for your suggestions.
    The church seems to be the Anglican Church of the Ascension in Midland, suggested by Michael. Fr Ted Doncaster agreed with this suggestion and there are some photos of an event (a masquerade party) on their website which seems to match with placement and shape of windows.

  5. Thanks for your suggestion Ann. What suburb is Home of the Good Shepherd in?
    We received a reply from Local Studies at Midland Library who also think it’s the Anglican Church of the Ascension in Midland, but I’m happy to check your suggestion too.

  6. I believe this is the Church of the Ascension in Midland. If the stained glass window in the side chapel is a picture of a young man in armour then it is a memorial. I am so pleased to see a photo of what the church used to look like, I’ve had it described by old parishioner. It had its 110th birthday last year.

  7. This is definitely The Church of Ascension Spring Park Rd Midland. I was Baptised there in 1942 & currently worship there.
    Over the years there have been renovations carried out which has made a few changes to the interior

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