New edition of Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning

Want to know how to find a convict ancestor?  Need to access divorce records for Western Australia?  Plan to research the history of Broome?  Where do you begin?   Try our website! 

Steve Howell, Subject Specialist Battye, has drawn on his extensive knowledge and experience of Western Australian historical resources within the State Library and the State Records Office to produce the eagerly awaited revised edition of Dead Reckoning: how to find your way through the genealogical jungle of  Western Australia.    This is an online edition and can be accessed by clicking on the image on the left or via our homepage and following the links at the top of the page: How do I find – Westraliana – Dead Reckoning.  Once you have read the introduction use the headings in the left-hand panel to navigate around the publication.

Dead Reckoning is the most comprehensive guide available for researching Western Australian topics in the State Library and State Records Office. Social and family historians will find it an invaluable tool for planning and undertaking their research.

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