The Australian Newspaper Service starts its roll-out of the Sydney Morning Herald

Australian Newspapers  The first 20 years of the Sydney Morning Herald have now been loaded on to the National Library’s digital newspaper archive.  The newspaper appears first under the title Sydney Herald 1831-1842 and then the later Sydney Morning Herald title 1842-1852. 
Issues from 1852 – 1954 will be made available each week from now until early 2010.  Also during early 2010 the Sunday Herald 1949-1953 will become available.  Click on the Australian Newspapers logo to connect to the home page.

12 thoughts on “The Australian Newspaper Service starts its roll-out of the Sydney Morning Herald

    • I have information on my late father, Oliver Hogue (1910 – 1987) as well as my great-uncle Oliver Hogue(“Trooper Bluegum”, died 1919) and some information about Judith Anderson and her relationship with Oliver Hogue(Trooper Bluegum).

      • Hello Blane,
        Fantastic to hear from you. I have something signed by Ol and some memories of Francee’s about him.
        Warm regards,
        Elaine McKenna
        0431 046 335

  1. Hi Elaine:

    I live in Canada and would be happy to exchange any information with you.

    I’m doubly curious, both as a descendant and as a historian (I run a national historic site in Canada) to know what you have that is signed by Oliver and what other materials you might have.

    Thanks. Blane

  2. Hi Blane,
    I have a postcard (photo of Ol in uniform) to Francee signed Ol and a photo of the hospital ward in which he died, with the bed marked with a cross – as it happened, Francee’s brother Jack had lain in that same bed some time before.
    Also have Francee’s version of her friendship with Ol and his family, and copies of some of his letters to her – I don’t know if any of hers to him survived.
    Interesting that you are in Canada and an historical sleuth – there is a character in Judith’s life who is Canadian and I am trying to track down / confirm ID and relationship – may be you can help me with that.
    Not sure how to contact you more directly – this site doesn’t publish email addresses but I’ll send mine in this message.
    Look forward to hearing more from you.

  3. I am preparing a booklet on those on Mosman War Memorial who died in WW1. Oliver Hogue is listed.He died of illness as you know. I have copied a good photo from AWM Roll of Honour.Would be glad to hear from relatives of Oliver Hogue.

    • I am a great grand-nephew of Oliver Hogue (“Trooper Bluegum”) along with my three brothers. While I now live in Canada I grew up in Australia and have considerable information about Oliver and the family.

      Blane Hogue

  4. Trooper Bluegum was A cousin of mine. His mother was a Robards, my family name . The family emigrated from England in the 1800s and settled at Clrencetown in the Hunter Valley.
    My cousin and I are going in to our family history, we(she ) has quite a bit of information.
    We are going to Maitland on the 28. 01. 12 for our oldest surviving Aunts 89th birthday and will meet a cousin who has more information on the family.
    Regards Bob Robards.

    • I am Maxwell Sydney Forster, my mother Cila Hogue ( married L Forster,)daughter of Sydney C Hogue (married Mary Alice Scanlan)son of J A Hogue and Jessie (Robards) with little family knowledge

      • I knew Syd, Clarrie (Clarence) and Jean, all siblings of my great uncle Oliver Hogue(Trooper Bluegum). My father, Oliver Hogue (also a Sydney journalist like his Uncle Oliver) kept in touch with them until they all died.

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