Who are these men?

Corporals O'Neil & Burton

Corporals O'Neil & Burton

This photograph shows Corporal O’Neil and Corporal Burton, wearing the insignia of 11th Battalion AIF. As there were many servicemen with the surnames O’Neil and Burton, we are having trouble identifying them. Do you know the full names of either of these soldiers?

7 thoughts on “Who are these men?

  1. plmadalena@scotch.wa.edu.au

    I am Archivist at Scotch College WA Wednesdays and Thursdaysand 9383 6888, Ichecked to see if Burton or O’Neil were students. They were not although Burton is the name of students during the twenties, forties to seventies.
    I can check registers and obtain an overview of the family as they
    maybe connected. If you are interested may you please email me at work.

    Thank you

  2. Steve,

    I would expect that either or both of the following publications (held by Battye) would contain a list of those who served in the 11th Battalion:

    Fremantle to France : 11th Battalion A.I.F., 1914-1919 / by Ian Gill

    Legs-eleven : being the story of the 11th Battalion (A.I.F.) in the great war of 1914-1918 / by Walter C. Belford


  3. Hi Roger & thanks for pointing those book out. Unfortunately they don’t have any photos and there were several Burtons & O’Neils in 11th Batallion. Dou you know of any books (or historical documents) on 11th Bn which would have photos?
    Thanks, Steve.

  4. Steve,

    I was thinking that the nominal rolls in these publications are likely to have at least the initials, if not the first names, of the two. That way, you could narrow down a search on the NameSearch facility on the NAA web site and identify those who were in the 11th and who held rank.

    But the AWM has a group photograph of NCOs of the 11th Battalion which might help! See ID Number E01779, which includes 5665 Sgt D. Burton and 1811 Sgt D. O’Neill.


  5. Hi Roger, we’ve been through the rolls and books but unfortunately we don’t have any initials, just the surnames. At the time the photo was taken, there were 9 O’Neils and 3 Burtons so we’re trying to track down their histories, find out who held what rank at the time and eliminate those who don’t match the scant facts we know.
    It’s been an interesting exercise and your tip has helped us eliminate a couple of names from the list so thanks very much,

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