Can you Help?

The Archive team at the State Library of Western Australia are trying to locate the Hotel/Motel in this picture. The only details we have are that it is on Mounts Bay Rd, Perth and that this photograph was taken on 16/6/1963 by Norman Wylie.

Can you help us with the name of the hotel/motel and any other information you can remember about it?

The photograph is available for viewing on our online catalogue using call no. 133497PD.

Hotel/motel Mounts Bay Rd

Hotel/motel Mounts Bay Rd

3 thoughts on “Can you Help?

  1. It was Riverside Lodge as Julie says. It had a function area also and was popular for weddings in the 1970s.The Mount hospital is now on the site and all or part of the original motel and function centre was incorporated into the hospital, I think.

  2. My marriage reception was in the willow room in the beautiful old colonial home situated next to the hotel or behind the hotel in this picture in 1983. You can just see the big willow tree. I don’t suppose there are any photos of this reception building?

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