Irish birth, marriage and death indexes online

Have you taken a look at the new FamilySearch Pilot website yet? It is well worth checking regularly as millions of records are progressively being added to this free site. In particular, the 23 million birth, marriage and death records for Ireland will be of great interest to many family historians. These records cover Protestant marriages 1845-1958 and marriages for other denominations plus births and deaths 1864-1958 for the whole of Ireland.

Browse what’s currently available on the site by clicking on the relevant section on the world map. There are no records from Australia yet but there is a large collection of material from the United States and a growing collection of records from Europe including Norway, Germany, the Netherlands and England.

9 thoughts on “Irish birth, marriage and death indexes online

  1. Hello,
    I am researching our family history for my Aunt aged 94yrs she wishes to know about her heritage bfor she passes. I hav com up against a brick wall with the Irish o’loughlan family…her Grandmother Mary Kate (Annie) O’Loughlin B 1867 in Innystimon co claire.
    Mary’s parents Patrick o’loughlin and Bridget Woods both died within a week of each other with the flu leaving young children I am not aware of their death year.
    Mary’s (Annie) siblings were Mary E (not sure if she was an aunt), John, James and Beatrice. Mary E helped a granny McCann rear the children and then went to New York and married a Mr Farely and had two spinster daughters.
    My Mary (Annie) came to Australia married John Smith settled in Mildura, Vic. and went onto have 10 children.
    Beatrice, John and James came out to Australia after Mary (annie) did and they never saw each other again. I was told by my Aunt that Beatric and her two brothers workd in a hotel either in S.A or Kalgoorlie WA. I am aware john died in the SA hospital in 1929.
    Beatrice married Charles Traboldt in 1899 and they live in Kalgoorlie. Beatric died in 1942 rgistration district E coolgardie 276 and Charls did 1924 and is registered in the same district 23.
    I dont have a birth on Beatrice, but Charles Traboldt B1868 New York, to German born parents.
    I have on paper that they (Traboldts) owned hotels in Kalgoorlie, also on the corner of Wellington and Lord streets Perth.

    Any help you can give me would be appreciated.
    Cheers and thank-you
    Lynette Peucker

    • Hi Tricia unfortunately not long after my posting my email address was hacked.
      Any information can be sent to my new
      Many thanks Lyn

  2. Thank you Tricia…I look forward to what u are able to find for me…..I must admit I have looked and looked but to no avail. Cheeers Lynette

  3. My entire immigrant ancestry is Irish – mostly from Famine times and Catholic. Because civil records of Catholics do not start until 1864 finding records for these ancestors is very difficult. You need to know the name of the parish! It would also help to know whether the ancestor was Catholic or Church of Ireland Looking for my g-g-grandfather John Chinnery is maddening. He was b. Co. Cork circa 1825 but I still haven’t learned his parish or parents’ names, nor whether he was C of I or Catholic. Will the new project help? He married Julia Lehan (also of Co. Cork, town unknown) Sept. 15, 1849, but where? I do know the Chinnerys were an aristocratic family who came to Ireland from England in the 1600s. There are none left in Ireland today; at least, they are not listed in the Irish telephone directories. I even paid a researcher several years ago but he couldn’t “find” John either. Since we don’t know the parents’ names, or the religion of John and Julia, we need the marriage record. Even if we do finally find it, I’m not sure what it will tell us. Will the names of John and Julia’s parents be listed? Maddening, simply maddening. I have had much more luck with my other Irish ancestors, which include all four of my father’s grandparents and all eight of my mother’s great-grandparents. And one of them was a Murphy! Patrick Murphy! Whew. No wonder I’ve been at this for over 25 years.

    • Hi,
      I am searching Leehan family and came across a “Julia Leehan” who was searching sister and brother, Catherine and Daniel, who I strong suspect to be my relatives. From what I gather, Catherine and Daniel arrived in NYC in mid 1840’s and Julia was residing in Boston, Mass area. There was a project done by a Boston College student who put online old inquires for Irish relatives looking for their family members. Your Julie was I think a Chinnery who lived for sometime in Westchester Co. NY. in 1870 when census was done, according to a source who posted online. Try a google search and you will likely find the info I came across last evening. Good luck. Eileen Kelly

  4. Hi tricia, we have been away for a long trip around Australia and I dont recall gettting your msg on my email addy…would you please mind getting back to me again…cheers and thanks Lynette

  5. Looking for information on Edmond Valentine Thomas Dunphy come to Sydney Australia in 1900 returned to Tipperary Ireland in his 70’s had approximately 11 children 5 survived whilst in Australia

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