New Horizons – Ground Floor Redevelopment @ SLWA

Photo: Dana Tonello

Photo: Dana Tonello

Strange things seem afoot at the State Library these days. We’ve been industriously moving books off the ground floor and relocating them to make way for the exciting New Horizons ground floor redevelopment of our Discovery Lounge. What, you may ask, is a Discovery Lounge? Our Discovery Lounge will be a relaxed, interactive area where you will be able to book your internet time and read newspapers. It will house 52 new computers, all with internet access. The Lounge will be comfortable and welcoming with friendly, knowledgeable staff able to help you with your computing questions. We are asking you to bear with us while these exciting changes are happening. Yes, annoyingly things may not be where they once were but ask us and we’ll help all we can. Subscribe to our RSS feeds and be constantly updated with New Horizons redevelopments, or bookmark our website to check for updates yourself.

1 thought on “New Horizons – Ground Floor Redevelopment @ SLWA

  1. Ex Girlfriend,
    Your feedback is great, thank you. Let me know what I things missed and I’ll add them. I’m sure it’s things others will want to know.

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