Anniversary of the Prime Minister’s Apology to the Stolen Generations – Friday, February 13

To the stolen generations, … I offer you this apology without qualification. We apologise for the hurt, the pain and suffering that we, the parliament, have caused you by the laws that previous governments have enacted. We apologise for the indignity, the degradation and the humiliation these laws embodied.”  Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd

Australia Commemorates February 13, 2008

Friday February 13 marks the first anniversary of a significant moment in Australia’s history. The Prime Minister’s apology to the Stolen Generations was a major historical moment and hope for a turning point for Indigenous communities. Heard and watched by millions of Australians on the first full-sitting day of the new Parliament, the apology fulfilled the newly elected Labor Government’s election promise to say sorry to the stolen generations, their families, and communities.

You can listen to or read the Prime Minister’s Apology here:

Join in as Australia Reflects

The theme this year is Beyond Sorry, looking at the healing process and the next steps in the reconciliation process, and celebrations are being held across Australia to mark the day.

In Perth, an Apology Anniversary Gathering will be held At Derbal Yerrigan in East Perth on Friday from 11am to 2pm. The event will include lunch, a Nyoongar welcome, Nyoongar dancers, a replay of the Apology, Stolen Generation guest speakers, and on-site counsellors. For more information or for a complete list of registered events in WA, visit Reconciliation Australia at this link:

You can also catch The Apology, a documentary by Indigenous Film Services and Reconciliation Australia, this Friday at 6.00pm on ABC1.

Recording Our History

The State Library of Western Australia captured the historic day last year to share with Australians for generations to come, and we are continuing to strive to create a collection that reflects the significance for all West Australians. If you have any photographs, ephemera (promotional material etc.) or stories from the day or anniversary events and would like to share them or make a donation to the collection, please feel welcome to contact our Subject Specialist Indigenous on 9427 3480 or email


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