Royal Navy Service Records Online

national-archives-of-the-united-kingdomThe National Archives of the United Kingdom (TNA) are forging ahead with their digitisation program.  Digitised records include:  Service records of 40,000 members of the World War One Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNVR); Royal Navy Officers’ Records 1756-1966; 20,000 wills made by seamen of the Royal Navy between 1786 and 1882; the service registers of more than 600,000 seamen who joined the Royal Navy between 1853 and 1923 and the service records of more than 7,000 women who joined the Women’s Royal Naval Service (1917-1919).  These priceless resources have been made available on The National Archives’ Documents Online website:    Free to search and available to download for a modest fee.

4 thoughts on “Royal Navy Service Records Online

  1. As Both my Grandfather William Calvert and my Uncle Richard Bourke were both Naval Ship Commanders for the British Royal Navy. My Grand Father in WW1 and the Uncle in WW2. I will check it out, Thanks Heaps

  2. my great grandfather walter maurice riley was also in world war 2 and served in the navy, as a gunner, if there is any info out there please email me, thanks shane

  3. Looking for service records of GG’Father Petty Officer Frank Ernest Vowels (HoWe Battalion) killed Gallipoli 4 june 1915, plus trying to seek info of his 2 sons (?fist names) possibly killed at Jutland.

  4. can anyone help my father was at the training facility at appledore during ww11 doing frogmen training his name was alex noble he was a scot and would maybe have the nickname JOCK or NOBBY

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