Swan River Stories

Barrack Street Jetty 1906 Have you got a Swan River story? Please help our Battye Fellow Dr Sue Graham-Taylor with her work on the history of the Swan River.

Do you remember swimming classes in the River, prawning parties by lamp light, boating and yachting? Do you remember ferry trips, picnics by the River? Have you camped by the river, caught a fish, swum with your horse, or jumped off a cliff or a bridge into the River?

What are some of the events that you have attended on the Perth Esplanade? Have you been attacked by a shark? Did you ever eat a hamburger or dance at Bernies? Are you old enough to have visited Perth’s White City and what was it like before the Government closed it down for reasons of morality? Please share your story with others by emailing your story to Sue Graham-Taylor at sue.graham-taylor@slwa.wa.gov.au.

2 thoughts on “Swan River Stories

  1. The Swan Rivers Stories seminar to day was great! Unfortunately, I have no stories to contribute because I have only lived in Perth for 3 days.

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