Strategic Directions 2009-2011

The State Library is currently preparing its Strategic Directions document for 2009-2011.  We are interested in your comments.  Topics that have been raised to date which you may like to comment on include:

  • How important is digital access?  Should this be a primary focus for the next three years?
  • Collecting contemporary material is always difficult.  How can we capture what is being created and continue to tell the Western Australian story?
  • Relationships, partnerships and collaborations are very important to us.  How can we enhance these?
  • How can we best work with public libraries?
  • Who are our customers and what do they want?  How will this change in the next five years?
  • Our building needs attention …

Your comments are greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Strategic Directions 2009-2011

  1. I’m not exaggerating – three recent visits to the Library for several hours and I’ve yet to be able to use a computer. I think there should be at least double or triple the amount of computers, as so much of today’s research is done with the internet in conjunction with library books.

    If I go to the State Library, I usually spend hours studying and I want to use a combination of online journal articles and books. The power of the internet for use in research cannot be underestimated, especially for topical issues. The fact that it is impossible to get a computer makes me much less likely to go to the State Library – I hope you understand this is the perspective of one of your key demographics, university students.

    Additionally, some computers should be reserved immediately for catalogue use. Each time I have had to ask the librarian to run a search, which wastes their time. Of course you are not able to run such a complex array of search terms for a specialised topic with a Librarian.

    If I may add a further point, I feel that your Economics section could be updated. Economics has really shifted in the past few decades and the selection of books from the 60s-80s doesn’t represent current thinking. Perhaps Economics has been a little neglected in the past decade by your selection team, or judging from their unusual selection they may not have any background in Economics

    To conclude, I guess I believe the State Library should be a state of the art facility – and to neglect the enormous contribution of the internet to academic research really undermines the Library in the eyes of students.

  2. I believe the State Library has a large collection of Oral History audio tapes. Are these accessible to the public in a digital format such as mp3 or any digital format?
    If not what plans are in place to make them accessible in a digital format?

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