Crossing Roper Bar Tour 08

Thought you might be interested in this amazing cross cultural music event that has been touring the Northern Territory and now Western Australia

Tura New Music would like to share a message from the road from Artistic Director, Tos Mahoney, on tour with Crossing Roper Bar…

Dear Friends,
I’m writing to you from Kununurra after witnessing the Darwin Festival, Katherine and Timber Creek presentations of Crossing Roper Bar 08  – the enthralling collaboration between Paul Grabowsky’s Australian Art Orchestra and the Wagilak Gujarra/Nyilapidgi Musicians from Ngukurr, Arnhem Land all intertwined with amazing voice of Ruby Hunter. This unique perfromance moves me more and more each time till its almost too much to bear – and there’s two and half weeks to go!
No doubt you have seen or heard mixtures of Indigenous music with other Western music but none of that comes near the real collaboration that is Crossing Roper Bar. This has five years of building of relationships and real learning on both sides; and of not compromising or making more palatable the complexities of tradition Indigenous music –  in fact highlighting and amplifying them to astonishing level

Crossing Roper Bar is virtuosity from two very different traditions, which don’t collide but in fact explode into a brilliant new form full of colour, intensity, life and connections.

Although full of story and history, each performance is new every time. The tour is writing it’s own story – which informs the performance – and the cycle goes on.

The world has struck proverbial gold! And we must do everything we can to keep it, foster it and encourage many others like it. You have a real opportunity to do that by getting as many people as you can to the Perth Concert on the 5th of September at the Perth Concert Hall.

Please distribute the attached flyer for the Perth concert on wherever you can. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Tos Mahoney

Online bookings and group bookings available:

Full Info at:

Check out the Darwin concert at:

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