QR Codes anyone?

Seen one of these yet?  You might be seeing a lot more of them soon!  They are called QR codes – the QR is short for Quick Response – and like a hipper, 2D version of a bar code their attractive black and white patterns hide a wealth of information – which you may already be able to read with your mobile phone!  Yes, if you  have a phone with a camera and the right software, you can read the code – which may contain a text message, a phone number or the URL of a website.  They are evidently huge in Japan.  Originally created to track auto parts, they now turn up on advertisements, in magazines, on bus shelters, on the bottom of plates in sushi trains and in rock videos – watch out for their appearance in Australia!

Do some more hunting on the web (particularly YouTube) for more examples and explanations!

(I generated this code using a free generator on the web – if anyone can read it let me know!)

…I wonder how soon we will have library applications!

UPDATE – thanks to those who let me know they could read the code!  And thanks to Roger who sent me a link to the online magazine he edits with lots more information on and examples of the many  uses of QR codes:

2 thoughts on “QR Codes anyone?

  1. Of course i can read it 🙂
    It’s a backlink to your blog.

    There are already a lot of libraries for encoding and decoding of QR Codes out there.

    But there are only few easy to use services and websites in the ‘western world’ around this topic. (I am working on one of these sites 😉 )

    How did you happen to get interested in QR Codes?

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