Great resources on the global food crisis

Our friends at have put together a fabulous set of links to reputable information on the current global food crisis.  Entitled:

Keeping tabs on the global food crisis

it includes links to  the Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture (GIEWS), the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), ReliefWeb, US Department of Agriculture briefings and more. 

What global food crisis?  Check out a Google news Australia  search to find out the latest in the internet headlines… Or search on Australia New Zealand Reference Centre (available from home for all Western Australian Public Library members) for more news stories…

One thought on “Great resources on the global food crisis

  1. Mm. Terrible stuff happening. The “crisis” is caused by three main things. The Iraq & Afghan occupations and the ethanol/biofuel mania sweeping the world. This might sound sort of…strange, but if you stick with this article I wrote, you will understand. I guess you might not agree with everything I said there, but there is much you probably will. Enjoy.

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