Blackwords – Reflecting Australia’s Rich Indigenous Culture

AustLit, the Australian Literature Resource Database, provides access to “thousands of creative and critical Australian literature”.   Blackwords, as a subset of AustLit, focuses in on creative and critical works from an Indigenous perspective.

As the What you will find in Blackwords page states you will find:

  • Biographical information about writers and story tellers, 
  • Records of all types of published and unpublished works of creative writing by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders; as well as
  • Information about organisatinos such as publishers, theatre groups and other cultural groups
  • and much, much more so do go and have a look….

The State Library of WA subscribes to the AustLit Electronic databases so you can get free access to the Blackwords subset from the State Library of WA electronic pages.  Just select ‘Search’ than, ‘Electronic Databases’ and than go to ‘A’ to search the databases by titles and select ‘Auslit’.

Once inside the Auslit database select their link ‘Research Communities’ and scroll down to find the link to the Blackwords site.  You can also click on the ‘guided search’ button within AusLit and select ‘Blackwords’ from the Scope pull down menu to go directly to a search of records within the subset.



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