Woodman Point

WOODMAN POINT: Digging up the past at Woodman Point

Did you know that bubonic plaque had touched Australia? The victims of this and other infectious diseases are buried at the cemeteries of Woodman Point Quarantine Station. A quarantine area since 1830, Woodman Point Quarantine Station was formally gazetted in 1879 and has two known cemeteries, both lost to bush. Hear the social history of this fascinating site and the archaeological trials and tribulations of wresting the secret of the grave locations from this enigmatic site by attending talks and touring the site with archaeologist, Gaye Nayton. 

A recent project funded by Lotterywest has physically located the cemeteries, mapped the surface remains in the 1918 cemetery and located and mapped grave shadows. Check out the Friends of Woodman Point webpage at www.woodmanpointquarantinestation.com to view the ongoing project in pictures and text.

On the 7th June 2008 join the Friends for a program which includes talks and a tour of the site. The program will consist of site visit, talks and a second site visit to allow visitor flexibility.

Where: Woodman Point Recreation Camp
When: Saturday 7th June 2008, 12 noon to 4pm
Cost: Free event but a sausage sizzle with drink will be available at $5; and a gold coin donation will cover afternoon tea.
RSVP Essential – Contact: Friends of Woodman Point at gaildodd@iinet.net.au for more information

[Source:  WAGSnet mail list]

4 thoughts on “Woodman Point

  1. Hi, I am a direct descendant Of Thomas Woodman and if you could supply with some more information regarding Thomas’s time and impact on WA.
    My father is Raymond.A Woodman. Any information would be much appreciated as my cousin in Melbourne is doing a family tree.
    Regards Peter Woodman.

  2. It is fascinating to see that this was a part of Australian History. I really hope that you find the info your looking for Pete.

  3. It is really amazing to see that this was actually a part of our history in Australia. Pete i hope you find the infomation that you are looking for.

  4. I’m fascinated by the fact that the plague hit Australia and that they had to make such big graves. It’s fantastic to see that someone has taken the lead in locating such a valuable part of Australian History.

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