Lessons from financial history…

AllosaurusI think I’ve mentioned before I’m a Radio National junkie, I commend this weeks offering from the Big Ideas programme:

Lessons from financial history – Professor Niall Ferguson [takes] a fresh look at the way finance works. Professor Niall Ferguson’s analysis draws on the work of the French Naturalist Jean Bapiste de Lamarck – the idea that organisms alter and adapt in response to a changing environment. He applies this framework to our current, uneasy financial climate and asks: are we on the brink of a great dying?

Not sure how long the podcasts will be up for so listen whilst you have a chance!  The lecture was originally delivered at the Mu$eum of American Finance , you can find out more about Professor Ferguson on his website.

Want to find out more about financial history?  Begin with this broad search in the State Library’s catalogue…

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