Open Science Directory

Online subscription databases are great – however it can be frustrating when you find the answer to a client’s question and then realise that you can’t send it on because of your institution’s licensing agreement with the database’s owners.  This is becoming much more common as clients from all over the world contact libraries using email and chat services. 

Fortunately there are some services that enable you to search for and find reliable and free information on the web.  One such service (recently featured on the Scout Report) is the Open Science Directory.

The directory aims:

To create a global search tool for all open access and special programs journal titles.

and targets:

Institutes (universities, research units, …) and their researchers in developing countries.

Every organization and researcher interested in these collections.

Anyone using this site can search across a multitude of scientific journals and (where they are available) access full text articles at no cost.  So – if you (or  your library clients) are unable to access expensive scientific databases, the Open Science Directory should be a great resource.

3 thoughts on “Open Science Directory

  1. Cool, I have not heard of these before. Another one is OAIster at

    OAIster currently provides access to 15,626,324 records from 947 contributors.

    OAIster is a union catalog of digital resources. We provide access to these digital resources by “harvesting” their descriptive metadata (records) using OAI-PMH (the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting).

  2. Thanks Wobbler – it’s close to impossible to keep up with all the great resources that are out there, thanks for adding OAIster!

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