Why keep a library when we’ve got the internet…?

When BusLib was working in the private sector she had the interesting experience of being made redundant – an experience that included being told (essentially, she can’t remember the exact words) “we’ve got the internet, we don’t need you”.  That’s all water under the bridge now (redundancy in my case was a springboard to travel, further study and a new career direction and the offending organisation kept it’s library too!) but the attitude still remains prevelant amongst those who don’t know much about 21st century librarianship (or museums).

For good hard information about how libraries and the Internet can form a beautiful synergy have a look at InterConnections: The IMLS National Study on the Use of Libraries, Museums and the Internet

For those of us with time constraints (or short attention spans!) you can get the Conclusions Overview in powerpoint form…

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