WWI – Ninety Years On

2008 marks a significant year for World War I commemorations. It is 90 years since the cessation of hostilities which are acknowledged on Remembrance  Day (November 11th). In the past, this day was known as Armistice Day.

For Australians, one of the most significant commemorations will take place in the French village of Villers-Bretonneux on Anzac Day. In 1918, Australian troops fought a fierce action against the advancing Germans, who had initiated Kaiserschlacht, the Spring Offensive, which they hoped would win them the war. The Australian success in re-taking Villers-Bretonneux heralded the end of the German advance in the Somme.

The official website: anzac 2008 in the Somme contains practical and useful information, not only for those attending the 90th anniversary services, but also for anyone who has an interest in WWI.


          Clifford Sadlier VC

          51st Battalion, AIF

Battye Pictorial Collection 005038D

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