Internet Broadway Database: Website

Internet Broadway Database is a fabulous theatre database for every Broadway production.  It includes dates, opening night cast, production credits, number of performances, awards and songs.  The home page has links to current shows.

One thought on “Internet Broadway Database: Website

  1. 13: The Musical is the best musical ever!!! A Jewish boy is about to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah, when his parents divorce and he moves to a small town. Now he has the choice to have all the popular kids or just invite his real friends, the not popular kids. The fun up-beat music by Jason Robert Brown is truly how musical theater should be. I just celebrated my bar mitzvah. I have gone through what the main character is going through. Because the whole cast and band are ages 13-17, I felt like they were my friends on stage. The cast will sign autographs outside the theater after the show. I recommend for everyone to go see this musical. Anyone can relate to this story because we all were or will be 13.

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