ASX Investor Hour in the State Library theatre

The State Library theatre seats 207 people and yesterday a capacity crowd came to the venue hear the first ASX Investor Hour for 2008. The ASX Investor Hour is hosted in WA by the Australian Shareholders’ Association. Chris McGrath of ASANDAS cheered the attendees with his presentation in which he identified many positives for the market in 2008.

Many attendees took the opportunity to visit the Library’s specialist business information collection on the first floor and were interested to find that as well a current and extensive selection of electronic financial information resources, there are also many relevant reference books in print. Darryl Guppy’s “Bear Trading” and Russell Napier’s “Anatomy of the Bear” attracted interest ! Many experienced traders as well as those looking to become market investors,  were interested to find that the Library’s Subject Specialists: Business will be presenting the Library’s financial information resources at the forthcoming Business Information Seminars being offered at the Library in 2008.

We are looking forward to meeting and sharing stories with existing and potential investors !

2 thoughts on “ASX Investor Hour in the State Library theatre

  1. A quick look at the Library’s business databases shows press articles about Austin in mid 2006. The company listed with a flourish. Recent activity in the Kentucky gas field – Park City – looks promising in the announcements.
    Databases consulted in the Library: Datanalysis, Business Source Premier, ABI Inform Global and ABIX

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